Tracey Vibert, Costume & Make-up Supervisor

Costuming Supervisor – how did this happen?!?

I have always loved costumes and that’s actually what got me into sewing and design work many years ago. I have a fondness for Halloween that has been with me since my teen years, as it gave me a chance to experiment with make-up, clothing and creating interesting props.

And suddenly – well, maybe not so suddenly – an opportunity to put it all into play for an online production came my way. I don’t know if nepotism is as valid of an accusation when it’s a volunteer production and it’s pretty much friends and spouses and family all working together anyway, but with my husband as one of the Directors, I was a shoe-in.

During the production stages, I pretty much did a bit of almost everything – worst part – having to hold the iPad slate – I am terrible at that job!

Geiger Costume reference photo

Costume conversations with the directors – not always easy, but good learning for me.

Shopping in advance, again, not always finding exactly what I was imagining, but we went with the flow and I was able to customize the long black coat for “ Gieger”, and found some nice deals at local budget shops and second hand places.

And we had some last minute change ups when needed, and since I almost always pack extra stuff, we managed ok!

Make-up and effects make-up
Research – what fun!
Again, conversations with the Directors – it was somewhat easier in regards to the effects desired and that made shopping for the products loads of fun. And then I had to play with the stuff and create some prototypes and test bits – again – fun!

Makeup tests

Since the actors were almost all already very skilled with their own “day” make-up for screen, that made things a lot easier too – just a matter of keeping things consistent and trying to keep the shine down under those hot lights!

I think some photos are in order now:
Tracey applying the FX make-up to Dina

Dina and new her new scar.

You can find Tracey on Twitter as @Halyma.

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