The Fun-Dampening-Field

Extreme-Interpersonal Hyper Ennui Deregulation?

Episode Three: Henderson getting the news…

That mouthful of medical jargon in Scream A Little Dream Episode Three was helpfully provided by a good friend who works in the health care field when I described the condition we wanted Henderson to suffer from.

The character Henderson is actually based on a real person my wife Tracey and I met at a wedding some years go, and marvelled at the seemingly unnatural ability this person had to affect other’s moods.

This person, who we will call Klatu for the sake of obscurity was seated at our table, and it was the quietest table in the room – practically anti-fun. When he left the table, it immediately lightened up, and darkened upon his return.

From my perspective, it was amazing to observe, even if it encouraged everyone at our table to flee to the minimum safe distance, and set ideas brewing in the back of my head.

When we drove him home with another table-mate, the effect was even more potent, as if the enclosed space of our car amplified the fun dampening field. Meer moments after dropping him off, the mood in the car shifted.

The two books Geiger gives to Henderson are (obviously, I hope) fake book covers that were done up a couple of days before shooting the scene that required them. The photo for G_reg’s book was shot by David Peralty at one of the rehearsals, and my book cover photo was taken by Tracey Vibert, and is from the first time I cut my hair off to donate.

Suffer from Extreme-Interpersonal Hyper Ennui Deregulation AKA FDF? Here's the solution!

The back covers are filler text (chunks of lorem ipsum, if you must know), which is nearly visible in Episode Four when Jenna is in bed reading G_Reg’s book saved by shallow depth of field!

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