Episode One:
When the meek Jenna crosses paths with a mysterious artifact, her life, and those around her, take a disturbing turn.

Episode Two:
While Jenna seeks to learn more about the artifact she’d found and the strange occurrences around here, a young, awkward paranormal investigator stumbles onto an odd case. 

Episode Three:
Armed with information of “curious” attacks, Andrew seeks advice from his mentor. Jenna’s search gets her closer to an answer, while an eerie force tightens its grip.

Episode Four:
Geiger’s on the case! Andrew and Geiger track a lead to get them to the source of recent attacks, while karma proves to be a bitch.


Episode Five:
While Andrew tracks down their first strong lead, Tina attempts to find out what is happening to Jenna. Sarah confronts a demon.

Episode Six:
The net tightens. Jenna struggles with her recent changes. Tina, Andrew and Geiger get a history lesson on evil, while a party turns decidedly red.


Episode Seven:
The race is on! Geiger, Andrew and Tina rush to get the artifact, while Sarah’s decision to leave may have been too late.

Episode Eight:
The ride ends. Geiger, Andrew and Tina try one last time to stop the evil force before it claims its final victim.

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