Scream A Little Dream Episode Eight

The ride ends. Geiger, Andrew and Tina try one last time to stop the evil force before it claims its final victim.

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Episode Eight Credits

Cast (in order of appearance)

Emanuelle Carriere – Jenna / Shadow
Kyla Gray – Sarah
Veronika D’Arc – Geiger
Lindsay Gerro – Tina
Vincent Scattolon – Andrew
Joyce Rivera – Cheryl
Ken Godmere – Henderson

Created, written and produced by
Greg Murphy & W Thomas Leroux

W Thomas Leroux – Director
Greg Murphy – Co-Director
Mike Geiger – Director of Photography
Geoff Lachapelle – Camera & Lighting Assistant
Howard Sonnenburg – Sound Recordists
Mark Bell
Paul Boyle – Grips
Graeme Kent

Greg Murphy – Editors
W. Thomas Leroux
Jason Leroux
TJ Cyr – Darkspace Design and FX
Susan Murphy – Production Manager
Tracey Vibert – Make-up and Wardrobe Supervisor
Howard Sonnenburg – Sound Design
Mark Bell – Music

Greg Murphy – 2nd Unit
W. Thomas Leroux
Jennifer Johnston – Production Assistant
Linda Bérubé
David Peralty – Data Wrangler
Tracey Vibert – Craft Services
Linda Bérubé
Jason Leroux – Technical Consultant
Mike Thompson – Behind the Scenes
Vanessa Burguete
Rene Antunes – SAYW Logo

Special Thanks to:
Will and Sarah Samuel
Jester Creative Inc.
SAW Video Co-op.
Kris Joseph
Nancy Kenny
Ken Godmere
Stacey Diffin-Lafleur, United Way Ottawa
Vera Sagram, Vera’s Waffles
Crystal Leblanc & Gilbert Auger, Routhier Community Centre
Katheryne Legault

The Directors would like to express thanks to family, friends, cast, crew and particularly our wives for their support during the creation of SAYW, from writing to production to the last bytes of post-production. We couldn’t have done it without you.

To Bruce Campbell for being Bruce.

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