The Fun-Dampening-Field

Extreme-Interpersonal Hyper Ennui Deregulation?

Episode Three: Henderson getting the news…

That mouthful of medical jargon in Scream A Little Dream Episode Three was helpfully provided by a good friend who works in the health care field when I described the condition we wanted Henderson to suffer from.

The character Henderson is actually based on a real person my wife Tracey and I met at a wedding some years go, and marvelled at the seemingly unnatural ability this person had to affect other’s moods.

This person, who we will call Klatu for the sake of obscurity was seated at our table, and it was the quietest table in the room – practically anti-fun. When he left the table, it immediately lightened up, and darkened upon his return.

From my perspective, it was amazing to observe, even if it encouraged everyone at our table to flee to the minimum safe distance, and set ideas brewing in the back of my head.

When we drove him home with another table-mate, the effect was even more potent, as if the enclosed space of our car amplified the fun dampening field. Meer moments after dropping him off, the mood in the car shifted.

The two books Geiger gives to Henderson are (obviously, I hope) fake book covers that were done up a couple of days before shooting the scene that required them. The photo for G_reg’s book was shot by David Peralty at one of the rehearsals, and my book cover photo was taken by Tracey Vibert, and is from the first time I cut my hair off to donate.

Suffer from Extreme-Interpersonal Hyper Ennui Deregulation AKA FDF? Here's the solution!

The back covers are filler text (chunks of lorem ipsum, if you must know), which is nearly visible in Episode Four when Jenna is in bed reading G_Reg’s book saved by shallow depth of field!

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Scream A Little Dream Episode Six

The net tightens. Jenna struggles with her recent changes. Tina, Andrew and Geiger get a history lesson on evil, while a party turns decidedly red.

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Episode Six Credits

Cast (in order of appearance)

Emanuelle Carriere – Jenna
Vincent Scattolon – Andrew
Lindsay Gerro – Tina
Sarah Stewart – Stacy
Veronika D’Arc – Geiger

Daniel Davies-Ostrom – Doorman
Thomas Bradford – Barry
Nicole McIvor – Heather (Dancer #1)
Michel Savard – Man at restaurant
Laura Savard – Dancer # 2

Restaurant Patrons

Chris Cameron
Conor Doyle
Tara Gillian
Vicki Mavraganis
Lee Ann McLellan
Madison McLellan
Darlene Nadeau
Alexa Polenz
Judith Price
Robert Sproule

Created, written and produced by
Greg Murphy & W Thomas Leroux

W Thomas Leroux – Director
Greg Murphy – Co-Director
Mike Geiger – Director of Photography
Geoff Lachapelle – Camera & Lighting Assistant
Howard Sonnenburg – Sound Recordists
Mark Bell
Paul Boyle – Grips
Alex Martin
John Seed

Greg Murphy – Editors
W. Thomas Leroux
Jason Leroux
Susan Murphy – Production Manager
Tracey Vibert – Make-up and Wardrobe Supervisor
Howard Sonnenburg – Audio Post Production
Mark Bell – Music

Greg Murphy – 2nd Unit
W. Thomas Leroux
Linda Bérubé – Production Assistant
David Peralty – Data Wrangler
Laura Savard – Craft Services
Tracey Vibert
Linda Bérubé
Jason Leroux – Technical Consultant
Mike Thompson – Behind the Scenes
Vanessa Burguete
Rene Antunes – SAYW Logo
Tracey Vibert – Shadow Body Double

Special Thanks to:
Christoph Driehuis and Patty Boland’s
Mike Ziola & Alexandra Mongrain, Biagio’s Italian Kitchen
Jester Creative Inc.
SAW Video Co-op.

The Directors would like to express thanks to family, friends, cast, crew and particularly our wives for their support during the creation of SAYW, from writing to production to the last bytes of post-production. We couldn’t have done it without you.

To Clive Barker for Hellraiser

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Tracey Vibert, Costume & Make-up Supervisor

Costuming Supervisor – how did this happen?!?

I have always loved costumes and that’s actually what got me into sewing and design work many years ago. I have a fondness for Halloween that has been with me since my teen years, as it gave me a chance to experiment with make-up, clothing and creating interesting props.

And suddenly – well, maybe not so suddenly – an opportunity to put it all into play for an online production came my way. I don’t know if nepotism is as valid of an accusation when it’s a volunteer production and it’s pretty much friends and spouses and family all working together anyway, but with my husband as one of the Directors, I was a shoe-in.

During the production stages, I pretty much did a bit of almost everything – worst part – having to hold the iPad slate – I am terrible at that job!

Geiger Costume reference photo

Costume conversations with the directors – not always easy, but good learning for me.

Shopping in advance, again, not always finding exactly what I was imagining, but we went with the flow and I was able to customize the long black coat for “ Gieger”, and found some nice deals at local budget shops and second hand places.

And we had some last minute change ups when needed, and since I almost always pack extra stuff, we managed ok!

Make-up and effects make-up
Research – what fun!
Again, conversations with the Directors – it was somewhat easier in regards to the effects desired and that made shopping for the products loads of fun. And then I had to play with the stuff and create some prototypes and test bits – again – fun!

Makeup tests

Since the actors were almost all already very skilled with their own “day” make-up for screen, that made things a lot easier too – just a matter of keeping things consistent and trying to keep the shine down under those hot lights!

I think some photos are in order now:
Tracey applying the FX make-up to Dina

Dina and new her new scar.

You can find Tracey on Twitter as @Halyma.

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