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The Fun-Dampening-Field

Extreme-Interpersonal Hyper Ennui Deregulation? That mouthful of medical jargon in Scream A Little Dream Episode Three was helpfully provided by a good friend who works in the health care field when I described the condition we wanted Henderson to suffer … Continue reading

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Tracey Vibert, Costume & Make-up Supervisor

Costuming Supervisor – how did this happen?!? I have always loved costumes and that’s actually what got me into sewing and design work many years ago. I have a fondness for Halloween that has been with me since my teen … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes at HighJinx

This behind-the-scenes photo was taken by David Peralty at HighJinx on Sommerset Street in Ottawa as we got ready to shoot a one of the scenes for Episode Two. You can see just how many people can be involved in … Continue reading

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