We’re Looking for Actors! Audition Call March 24th

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Perhaps you’ve heard a few rumblings around the Interwebz. Perhaps you’ve seen Greg and Tom huddled over glowing laptops in the front window of Patty Bolands Pub on Thursday evenings, and wondered, “What could they possibly be up to now?”.

Well, Ottawa’s best kept secret is a secret no more. For the past several months, Greg and Tom have been working tirelessly to complete the script for an amazing new web series, called “Scream All You Want“. As the synopsis explains:

“Dreams can be a gateway out to other worlds – and into ours. After a series of supernatural attacks, two paranormal “experts” know they must find the source. Short on time (and support), they race to find and save the next victim’s life.”

With the script complete the dynamic duo is now moving into pre-production, and that means casting. The casting call for Scream All You Want will be taking place on Saturday, March 24th at the Routhier Centre in downtown Ottawa.

We are looking for actors of all kinds to fill several roles. You can find full character descriptions on our casting call page. You don’t have to be a professional actor to try out. Not an actor? Please pass this information along to any actor friends you know!

If you are interested in auditioning, please review the casting call page for all the details.

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2 Responses to We’re Looking for Actors! Audition Call March 24th

  1. morgan blackbyrne says:

    Is your casting call open to union actors?