Week 1 of Production is a Wrap!

The cast and crew is pleased to report that week 1 of production is a wrap and we all survived! We shot in 4 different locations this past weekend, and the long hours have paid off. Our directors Greg and Tom are busily reviewing footage and things are looking fantastic.

We could not be doing this without the many volunteers and generous folks who have been helping us along so far. Here’s a wee list of some of our favourite people:

Cast members we’ve shot with so far:
Emanuelle Carriere, Kyla Gray, Dina Elleithy, Orrin Kerr, Ken Godmere, Vincent Scattolon, Veronika D’Arc, Sonya Nagpal, Alison Haines, and our terrific and patient extras!

Our lovely and talented crew:
Myke Geiger, Howard Sonnenburg, Mark Bell, Jennifer Johnston, Graeme Kent, Paul Boyle, Geoff Lachapelle, Adam McLaren, Mike Thompson, Alex Martin, Vanessa Burguete, Tracey Vibert and David Peralty.

Our generous location donors:
Al Brown, Karen and Leigh of HighJinx, Joe and Evelyn Thompson, and Christoph Driehuis of Patty Bolands Pub.

We look forward to our next shoot on Monday May 14! Here are a few photos of some of the adventures we had this past weekend.




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