Thank you FanExpo Attendees!

We’re back in Ottawa, rested up from the four days at FanExpo, and we wanted to thank you all of taking the time to stop by our booth. Here’s a quick primer on where on the net you can find us:

We’re on Facebook for our updates, and on Twitter, photos on Flickr, and videos on YouTube, including four behind-the-scenes videos:

Bordeleau Park, which follows a fun day shooting in the park while we were tormented by a biplane.

High Jinx Basement where Sue describes one of the tools we use.

Cast Interview, talking to Dina Elleithy, Emanuelle, Carriere, and Orrin Kerr on our day of shooting at Highjinx.

Interview with the Wardrobe and Makeup supervisor, Tracey “Halyma” Vibert.

And here’s a photo of Greg and (off-camera) Tom being interviewed by The Avod at FanExpo this weekend.

G_reg and WTL being Interviewed by TheAvod at FanExpo

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